(Closed) LCY tower

Before I open up some ops on TS1 for an 25m, you can decide in which region should I control and the region that wins the vote in 5ms you can request an airport. Then this topic will be changed to XXXXXXX (OPEN)

  • Denver
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • SoCal
  • Carrabien
  • Hawaii
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Amsterdam
  • London

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London it is! Now what airport?

LCY it is then! Bring any plane smaller than a 738 and pattern work is allowed!

If you are concerned about getting into IFATC, then don’t accept heavies etc. However, if not ignore what I just said :)

Read the above again ^^^

Take off from any end of the runway because I don’t want people back taxing on the only active runway

Closed now, no one came.

Just a suggestion for the future, in the event title, use the ICAO code so we all know what airport it is. I had to do a google search just to find out haha.

If I saw EGLC, I would have known the airport instantly, and understood why you wanted small aircraft.


You should back taxi people at EGLC if runways necessitate, as the combination of smaller aircraft and a steeper approach, and a small runway means you want the best available wind