[Closed]Latin-America Most popular VA@KORD - 10162200ZJUN16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Chicago Bay Area

Airport: KORD

Time: 2200Z

Hi this event Was Made to see what Latin-American VA is More popular The latin American Airlines Are Based In All North-American Coutries

NOTAM: If you Are Attending this Event Please Leave The information of the ceo of the VA Below

Fixed the title. Use the proper #live:events format next time. You can change to date if it isn’t on June 9.

Oh i forgot 😬

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I still haven´t seen VAs for Aeromexico, TAM, GOL, Mexicana, Azul and Copa, sorry for being pessimistic :(


Look i am interested in doing mexicana or Aeromexico but I need some help

Can you help

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I can´t, sorry.

😢well ok thanks

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Why no Canada :-(

Because they don’t speak Spanish in there or do they?

Do they speak Spanish

Is the US or Greenland there. I think not.

But you can Attend if you want

Are you attending

What day is it?

Is the 10th

Please stop sending two posts that have the same context, just worded differently, right after each other. It won’t give them the notification any faster.

Would you like IFES flight assistance or IFM security for this event?

We do anything from escorting the planes a group from departure to arrival, to securing a runway at a busy airport for the event

Yes it will be great

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