[Closed] Landing Competition- Rollouts @KSSC - 072200ZAUG15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PNHL, Hickam AFB (Honolulu Int), Runway 08L

Trolls Attacked, switching to Shaw AFB, KSSC in Charlotte (see reply)

Time: 2200Z, 1800Est, Friday August 7, 2015
Subject to change depending on interest

NOTAM: New type of event!! Calling all fighters… refuel and return to base… So you’ve been flying around SoCal supersonic, annoying all of the commercial traffic with your intercepts, and buzzing stressed out ATC controllers.

Your commander wants you to report to his office now! You better fly a textbook pattern, grease the landing, and coast to a picture perfect rollout Airman. The commander is ready to chew some butts after seeing what you’ve been doing with his airplanes.

This landing competition is all about the rollout! If you are not familiar with fighters landing, check out this quick YouTube example: F-16 Landing Rollouts YouTube Clip. The technical term is aerodynamic braking, but most people simply call it a wheelie. Test your skills, see if you can wheelie your rollout. It is common to all tricycle geared fighters in IF.

I do not think there will be judging for this inaugural event unless there’s a lot of interest. If that is the case, judges and photogs are needed!

Remember Hickam AFB shares its runways with a commercial airport, please be respectful in traffic!!

Please reply or like if you’re interested! Even if you have a scheduling conflict. If there is a lot of interest, this could become a regular event for all types of tricycle geared planes. Just like the “hit the spot” landing comps.

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@Rotate you are right, that is the easiest plane to start with. That helps to get the feel and avoid bobbing! I think the F-16 is the most challenging and fun! (I can never get a good wheelie pic in live)

Any interest? Im starting to worry that fighters are only good for trolling in the IF world! Are there really only a few people trying to fly them respectfully?

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I’ll be there! Just to clarify, the event starts at 6:00 PM ET and ends at 10:00 PM ET tomorrow (August 7, 2015).

@MAX490907, Yes 6:00 PM ET tomorrow (Friday), but I didn’t set an end time. Thank you for the interest!

@Rotate, after this closes tomorrow, I’ll move it to Shaw AFB Saturday for round 2. I might change the time slightly, maybe a couple hours earlier on Saturday.

About 10 min til start… The weather report has 08L in the yellow. Should be good to go

Is South Carolina free? If so I will come with an f18

I think so, but I can’t remember. Tomorrow will be in Carolina, today is Hawaii.

Today is Hawaii oh well I can’t make it as I don’t have the region! Enjoy!

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@Rotate, @MAX490907, @JGK00 Sitching to Shaw AFB today… I’ve never seen so much traffic at Honolulu! Controllers were quitting in frustration, nothing but chaos


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Thanks for flying @Rotate!! You are a great flyer! I saw a couple of those wheelies, very nice. I’ll try to do a better job of organizing next time!

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Oh DamI forgot I didn’t see your post!