[CLOSED] Landing Competition @ LPMA - 041705ZFEB18

Sign me up for this, please.

Sure, you’re gate is Gate 07

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I would like to go, sign me up.

You’re signed up for Gate 08

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I’ll come. Can I have a gate?

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@FlyAndCrash You’re gate is 09

Add me. I’ll make everyone so jealous they’ll pee their pants!

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Lol You’re signed up for Gate 10

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Can I join because it sounds fun.

That is 12:05 pm CST right?

1035 cst I think…

Ah dang it! I’ll be at school when this happens. But if I ever get into one like this, I’ll butter the bread like a pro chef.


What’s the point of having a landing competition if the aircraft has a pretty good autoland? I suggest you switch to something without. e.g: 737, 767, Q400…


I’m starting to really love 737s especially the 900.

I could possibly come, no promise, if anything if someone else wants to come let them go if I don’t

Yes sure you’re gate is Gate 11

I have many gates left do you wanna come

I’ll try to make it, doesn’t look like it will be a problem.

You can clearly see, if someone uses APPR mode


Can I have a gate please?

Unfortunately I got a few speeding vios yesterday due to A/P failure so I appear as grade 1. Hopefully my skill won’t reflect that of a grade 1 XD.

EDIT: Imma fly in from LEMD. is that ok? I will still be in a TAP A320.