[CLOSED] Landing Competition @ LPMA - 041705ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Atlantic Ocean

Airport: LPMA

Time: 1705Z

NOTAM: Fly pattern around LPMA and land
at rwy 05. I will be judging your landings

Aircraft:TAP A320

Gate 01:@WardellStephenCurry
Gate 02:@ODW
Gate 03:@Malvik_Gaming
Gate 04:@SlimeFlyer
Gate 05:@Haspro
Gate 06:@Allen_Lu
Gate 07:@skotshi
Gate 08:@Kate_Russell
Gate 09:@FlyAndCrash
Gate 10:@Etrain
Gate 11:@Nashes
Gate 12:@A_Plane_Guy
Gate 13:
Gate 14:@Davis

LPMA TWR:@Niklas3


I might go I might not so assign me a gate and let’s see.

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Ok. You’re gate is Gate 01

I’d like to RSVP please. Great airport. Thanks!

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what date is this event?

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I don’t think the OP can make it more clear by saying 041630ZFEB18

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oh ok, I dont understand that number bar, now I understand it

Sure, You’re gate is gate 02

Could I be LPMA TWR please

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Sure, you’re signed up for TWR

I’ll see if I can come. What time is it for Eastern time and what day is it

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04 February 18 11:30am est

Can I have a gate please

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Yes sure you’re gate is Gate 4

Hi there, can I use Transavia 737?
I would like to challenge!

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Sign me up. Gate 05?

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I wrote in the description that you going to use Tap a320

Sure, you’re signed up.

gonna go anyway :ppp

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You’re signed up for Gate 06