[CLOSED] Landing competition @ KLAX - 102000ZJAN16

We are having a landing competition
We will use two terminals to stop aircraft spawning inside each other
G-71 (open)
G-72 (open)
G-73 (open)
G-74 (open)
G-75 (open)
G-76 (open)
G-77 (open)
G-85(closed Barrie smith)
G-86(closed jack Mundy)
Landing on 25R

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Space for me ?

Yes G-85 see you there

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Time moved to 2000Z

Could @Full_flight come to this comp and do a landing and Jude my landing

What server and where thanks?

Free flight KLAX see you there

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And airport city ?

Cool got it

South California KLAX

Let’s meet now

Can i come to

I’d love to join! :D

Die you saw me

1st Barrie smith 9/10
2nd captain Dan 7/10
3rd me 6.5/10

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And i
I was sudafly

Last, sorry it wasn’t very smooth it was hard but you got it down so 😶


Please wait for your photos to upland before your post, so the photos show up.

YAY, thanks for 2nd place, but I’m confused, I didn’t even turn up to this event 😂😂

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