[Closed] Landing Competition Hosted by FedExVA @ KSEA - 111400ZFEB18

Date February 11 2018

Time 1400Z - 9am ET - 6am PT

Location Seattle-Tacoma International Airport KSEA

Server Expert

Event hosted by FedEx VA

NOTAM: Welcome all! This landing competition will take place at KSEA. We will be landing on runway 16L and using the ILS 16L approach. Pilots will takeoff from any near by airport and enter the pattern accordingly. For the competition, the approach will begin at fix KENMO. Pilots shall cross fix KARFO no lower than 3200 MSL. Pilots shall cross fix DGLAS no lower than 1900 MSL.
Pilots will be judged on accuracy of procedure and touchdown point.
Pilots will fly the Boeing 777 in any livery.
Pilots are allowed ONE go around

Landing Criteria

Landing on First Touchdown Zone Makring 45 Points
Landing on Airming Point 50 points
Each Touchdown Zone Marking 45, 40, 30, 25 points

Approach Criteria

Proper Altitudes Through Approach -/20 points
Proper Speeds Through Approach -/20 Points
Proper Radio Calls in Pattern -/10 points



Cargo R1 - @ItzEhs
Cargo R2 - @SlimeFlyer
Cargo R3 - @Ameru187
Cargo R4 - @Donny_Ng
Cargo R5 - @r3life
Cargo R7 - @DerpCakeFlies
Cargo R9 - @Ukulele
Cargo 01 - @mariodandy30

Cargo FX2 - @Aviationluver
Cargo FX3 - @Q-ENAN
Cargo FX4 - @jmwilliams17
Cargo FX1 - @jdag2004
Cargo FX0 - @anon36571935

All are encouraged to attend! Reply here to reserve your spot and go home with top honors!


FDX01 will be judging the event.


What time is this cst?

That Would be 8am CST :)

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I might be able to do atc if I wake up early enough


@William_Chin are you a controller on expert server. If so please contact me on slack

oh whoops misread that sorry :( I’m sadly not an expert controller

Attend as a participant then! Gates are still open to reserve

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Im might overslept and not make it :( for now you don’t have to sign me up…have fun though!

Hello, please may I have a gate please. Thanks

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I have you put down!

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Can I get a gate please

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I’ve got one assigned for you, see you there!

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Thanks for the gate :)


Count me in please! Looking forward to this.

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May I join?
I should be able to make it.

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Sign me up. See you guys there

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Should I be at a FDX gate if I’m in FedEx? Or have the gates just run out?

Oops my bad! ill fix that now

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Hmmm, I would like a gate please. Gotta make sure I don’t get too rusty. See you there all.

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