[CLOSED] Landing Competition! (Expert server) @ TNCM - 272000ZJUN17

Your up there. Check gate assingment

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Your up there. Check gate

NOTICE: There is only 1 gate for heavies left! If you wish to sign up in a heavy do so now before the gate gets taken. (If there is still more heavy demand I might use more gates and just every other one have a heavy.

I would love to help you out with ground

TNCM does not have ground atc support. You could take tower if you like :)

That’s surprising. I’m not that great with tower don’t want anyone to get upset or mad. Anyway pm me for when you have an event where as I could do ground. Thanks.😀😀

Are you IFATC certified?

Notice everybody: I have reached the maximum number of people you can tag in a post (10) from here on out I will just be tagging you without the @ symbol.

Hello Kevin great event there! Please sign me up for
B777-200. Thanks

Sign me up please😇😇i would love to join

Please don’t spam the thread, I could see your first message. What aircraft would you like?

Ok I’ll get to you soon

Sign me up C-04 in a B777-200ER United Battleship Grey Livery 😁

Testing my landings for the event, this is the best one I got

-42ft/m, that’s going to work for me

Its not just -vs its centerline and overall quality.

NOTICE: If you wish to sign up in a heavy I will just give you plenty of room between gates. There are only 6 gates left though. Get them before they are gone! (If necessary I might add F gates)

Well, I’ve been trying for smoothness and so I’ll work on other factors later as I have a week

You actually only have this weekend ;) the event is on Tuesday.

Ehhh, close enough 😂

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I am wondering what I should score for the comp. Currently I am scoring, Centerline, how soft, float, and flare.