[CLOSED] Landing Competition! (Expert server) @ TNCM - 272000ZJUN17

@Msp_aviation I changed you to spawn at TNCM, sorry for the confusion. If you have additional questions you are welcome to ask :)

I am ready, 738, assign me please

Do you mind entering the pattern from TKPK?

No, i am ready to enter from anywhere :)

Ok please read the post for more information. I will sign you up right now :)

Please do not stray from the proper event title format. Keep everything after the @ uniform with the guidelines:

Thanks. :)


Already read the whole post, thank you

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Im sorry, my bad. I will make sure that is done correctly from now on :)

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Can I please have a gate?

I’d be coming, Callsign: IFC-MF ACFT: BBJ 737-700.

Should be good!

EDIT: I will be spawning in from TNCM!

I’ll join. Please hook me up with a gate :). Thank you.

Are you fine with spawning in from TKPK?

There are no TNCM gates left, can you spawn at TKPK?

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Do you mind spawning at TKPK?

How are we going to be told to land?

Forum, atc?

I will tell everybody on this thread. Everyone should watch this thread on another device for my go.

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Sorry for late response. Affirm. (Thats ok thanks)

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What aircraft would you like? Also 100th post! This event is huge!

Yes I can! See you there

I’ll be there and I’m probably going to use A388