[CLOSED] Landing Competition! (Expert server) @ TNCM - 272000ZJUN17

Server: Expert

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2000 Zulu

NOTAM: Hello everybody! I am hosting a landing competition at TNCM I will be recording the landings, if you want to be featured on my new YouTube channel come here on June 27th at 2000Z (4pm EST) Everyone may fly in any aircraft or livery. Take off on runway 10 and depending on the number of people signed up you will either do a holding pattern and then be told to land by me during the event, or just fly a pattern. I am expecting proper pilots etiquette for this event, if anyone is available for ATC that would be great too.

Please Read: More event information
What do these lines mean?
Red line: start of the GPS (10 miles out)
Green line: This line gets you to and from the holding pattern if you take off at TNCM
Blue line: This line gets you to the holding pattern if you take off at TKPK (remember you will still land at TNCM)
Orange line: is the holding pattern that will be flown.

How will you fly the pattern?
When you take off at TNCM: I will write down your name and what position you took off in. This will allow me to make sure everyone gets to land in order. Everyone should try their best to follow the first person in the holding pattern. Everyone will take off as quickly as possible as ATC won’t be available. Ascend at 200 knots and 2500vs to 5000 feet. Fly in that pattern at 5000 feet, 240 knots. Once told you are next to land, approach in whatever way you want.
When you take off at TKPK: I will write down your name and what position you took off in, this allows me to make sure everyone gets to land in order Once you take off at TKPK ascend at 240 knots and 2000vs to 5000feet. Fly in the pattern at 5000 feet, 240 knots. Once told to land, begin decent into TNCM however you like.

What do you do after you land?
Once the person is close to touching down the next person will be told to begin their approach.
Once on ground and off the runway you are welcome to either:
Leave the game.
Re-spawn in GA aircraft and taxi to the spot specified in the original post to watch other landings.
Park at a gate with your aircraft.

Some last things, more info will be sent regarding how the scoring will work later, the scores will be uploaded as soon as I can. The YouTube video will be uploaded when it is ready.**
There is no flight plan for the event as it will just be pattern work.

If you are signing up to fly comment down below and I will add you to the event. Please say your aircraft type you will bring so I can give you a proper gate. More gates can be added on if necessary. If you just want to watch the landings spawn at one of the ‘F’ gates in a C172/SR22

If you choose to watch the landings there is no need to sign up but try to be at least five minutes early, as soon as you spawn in please taxi to this area of the airport, you can use free cam to get the best angle to see the landings.
Taxi to and then park in the red area, if full park in the yellow area

TNCM Gates:
All aircraft (Heavies will be spaced every other at non A gates)
A01- Reedgreat (B742)
A02- QR01 (B773)
A03- jdag2004 (B772)
A04- Daz15 (B772)
Other aircraft:
B01- Msp_aviation (B788)
B02- Unavailable for spacing
B03- Puncakes (B737)
B04- BrodiePartridge (B737)
B05- Joel (A318)
C01- Tarunstk (A321)
C03- Unavailable for spacing
C04- Robert_Estrella (B788)
C05- Unavailable for spacing
C06- Balloonchaser (B763)
C07- Unavailable for spacing
C08- LiamRAAF (B789)
C09- Unavailable for spacing
C10- samuel_48 (B772)
C11- Unavailable for spacing
C12- Ewan_Elliot (A333)
E01- ALFLONSO22 (B712)
TKPK Gates:
Gate 4- Meteorology7 (B737)
Gate 5- BurovV (B738)
Gate 6- Alpster (B77W)
Gate 7- MaksimFerguson (B737)
Gate 8- Hyyyyy2317 (B737)
Gate 9- Octoberr (B772)
GA 1B- insertusernamehere (A318)
GA 1D- Samuel_Boakye
GA 1E- Chung_Nguyen (B789)
GA 1G- olaiodrei (B744)
Standby gates: Please note: you will be tagged if a gate opens up, please monitor this thread.
1- Samcollins01 (B74S)
2- AW-HL7428 (B748)
3- Panher (B788)
4- Fall_Etto (A330
5- International (B738)
6- SWAPWLA (748)
Scoring guide:
Scoring will be done out of 100 available points. The different categories will be mentioned below.

  1. Runway centerline (10pts) this measures how close to the runway centerline you land. 0 points means you landed off the runway entirely, 10 points means you landed it spot on!
  2. Soft landing (10pts) this measures how hard your landing is. 0 points means you landed extremely hard possibly causing injuries and damaging the landing gear, 10 points means you landed very softly and smoothly!
  3. Float (10pts) this measures how much your aircraft ‘floats’ down the runway. 0 points means you landed extremely far down the runway, 10 points means you landed spot on!
  4. Flare (10pts) this measures how well you executed your flare. 0 points means you either flared too much or didn’t flare at all possibly causing damage to the aircraft, 10 points means the flare was executed perfectly with just enough tilt upwards.
  5. Landing accuracy (10pts) this measures how close to the landing markers lands. The landing markers refer to the 6 parallel lines right after the landing threshold. 0 points means you landed too far up and would have hit the airport fence or even crashed at maho beach or you landed right on the landing markers.
  6. Approach (20pts) this measures how good you approached the runway, the reason this is being counted is because all good landings start with a good approach. 0 points means you were shaky well above/below the glide slope and swayed away from the localizer, 20 points means you were buttery smooth on your approach and right on the glide slope.
  7. Overall appearance (30pts) this measures your eye candy and other miscellaneous things. 0 points means your landing was shaky and off balance, 10 points means everything was perfect!
    Note: I will be the final judge of these landings. Any use of the APPR or autopilot features once entering the final 10 mile stretch will give you an instant dis qualification. I expect every single person to fly this event in a legit manner and not cheat. Thank you :)

This is my first event, if anything needs to be added or redone please let me know.


Sign me up in a B742!

Ok you are signed up! Thanks for joining :) Check your gate assignment.

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Ok It is late tonight, I will get to all other responses in the morning :)

Put me in a gate for the A319.

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Sign me up 737-700(BBJ)

Sadly slightly early for me 🤷‍♂️, great event though


I’m in. B773. See you there. Have the trophy ready for the chief 😜

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I definitely need to practice but sign me up for B738

I think im able to attend…

Boeing 767-300
Hawaiian Livery :)

Maybe I am able to attend… sounds like a fun event! I will confirm this later.

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That’s where I put it, I thought. It was late my time so I might have forgotten.

You are signed up! Thanks for joining!

Your on there. Thanks for signing up!

Hello everyone. My phone is being crashy this morning and I am unable to edit the post right now. I will make sure everyone else is added later this morning. Thank you for understanding :)

Ok, I’m all caught up on signups. Check your gate assignments please! I will add on more gates soon too.

4pm EST I’ll still be at work. Just wanted to say looks like it will be a great event and sorry I’ll miss it.

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I’ll be there with my A318, nice event👍

Sign me up for a321, any gate will do
Thanks :)

I’ll try to join in 777-200. 😊