[Closed] Landing at Pulua Tioman @ WMBT - 292140ZFEB16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumper

Airport: WMBT

Time: 1940 Zulu 29th of February

NOTAM: A landing competition at Pulua Tioman, Take off from Pulua Tioman and see if you can land on runway 20 or if your up for a real challenge try runway 02 at the same airport (suggested aircraft: anything smaller than a 737-700 including props, but of you think you would be able to try a larger aircraft)

Good Luck, and please state if you are coming.

I’ll be there.

It’s my favourite airport in the whole game but few people realize you should not fly in a straight line - this is unrealistic and likely to cause a crash.

Here’s my procedure - let me know if I’m wrong:

  1. Take off runway 02 only.
  2. Half nm later turn left heading 330, fly towards the VOR.
  3. Upon reaching VOR on a small island, make a 180 degree turn.
  4. Fly approximately heading 150 towards runway 20, at 0.5 nm before the runway turn right along the beach, align with the runway, land seconds later. Go around early if unable to align.

For realism, you can circle around the island - they actually do this kind of sightseeing flights there.

In a B737 loaded at 65%, if you do a good landing, you can stop quickly by mid-runway and turn to parking without backtaxiing.

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Sounds like a good procedure to me.

Any chance to get this two hours earlier…?

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Possibly, @Anton_ATC are you able to turn up at 1940 Zulu, I’m free at almost any time, (and I don’t expect that big of a turnout)
EDIT: I’ve changed the time, if it doesn’t suit anyone I can easily hold the event twice.


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Alright, I’ll be there :)

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Just a quick heads up, if you see me leave it doesn’t mean the event is over, I may just be changing aircraft.

Everything went well with the C208… 02 is impossible to master with a jet :D

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I have to go now, I will re-open the event at 2140Z.