[Closed] KUES Open!

@Pilot8, @Henrik, @hmkane, @JFKPlaneSpotter, @Tecnam2TA please attend!

Departure: (For Props) : 36
Departure: (For Jets smaller then 757) : 10
Arrivals: (For Props) : 36
Arrivals: (For Jets smaller than 757) : 10
Pattern Work Accepted
Server: ATC Playground

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Be right there in 10-15 min

Coming now.

See you there!

You not on at KUES?

I’m waiting

I wish I could. Can’t right now:(

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On my way A320 United ‘Rob’

Ignore my stalls please.

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Haha, I saw you land on the grass!

That wasn’t a landing…

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You’re here? Coolio

Um … Well then …

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