[CLOSED] KSWF @ Training Server 1

I’ll be in KSWF Ground and Tower Getting ready for my test for IFTSATC so I need some practice I’m starting up now come fly in. Have Fun!!! Hoping to see lots of traffic!!!

I thought you did an excellent job and I’m sure that you’ll pass the atc test with ease. It’s people like you, ATC operators, that make this game so fun. (At least for me)
The only error you made was that you told me to ‘enter left base’ when in fact it was actually right base that I needed to use, but I also realize how easy it is to fat finger the commands.
Good luck on the test!


Lol thanks yea left and right mess me up on a iPad screen

Thank To all who came and helped out and had fun!!! It was great

Fed Ex touch and go


New Zealand 007 on final Runway 27 at Stewart!!

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