[Closed] KSSC Charlotte on TS1 (IFATC Practice)

oh my god I consider the poster of this topic is fabian so I wrote my last post…now I found that its you haha what a funny man I am

You’re not too wrong, as I’m also in the progress of becoming IFATC. Haha.

Im also haha To be an IFATC together and hope will meet each other on duty

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Would be fun! I already failed my written test but I’ll try again in 8 days.

You did all things right, as far as I remember! One thing I noticed, which was probably not your intention, you said Cleared for the option, make right traffic. I was already in the right pattern so no need to say the Right traffic message again. But as I said, it probably was not your intention because you only said that once (and the first time, but that is good). Hopefully you pass the test!

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