[Closed] KSSC Charlotte on TS1 (IFATC Practice)

I’m looking for some pilots to fly the pattern to help me practice for my practical IFATC exam.

Runways in use: 22R and 22L


I’ll be there

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Which server and is it only GA aircraft or can there be jets.

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Training server 1

Bring anything

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May want to use TS 2 as TS 1 at times you can not hear what number aircraft is being sequenced. All pilots hear is just “sequencing”.

Ahh right, thanks for letting me know!

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Still open?

Yep, still open

Give me 5 min!

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Whoops got some lag

Haha no problem, sorry its a longer taxi for you

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Are you still there?I could help you in 10 mins.

Yeh I’m still open but I will be closing shortly.

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It just said Sequencing… I do think the 747 got the same

Ahh, hes number 2 I think he know who to follow though.

oh thats bad . if you are going to close i would go to expert server to fly

Could you wait awhile, I’m coming

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Wow got some app stuttering at the last landing, haha!

Edit: I’ll write some feedback when I’m done flying.

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hope you pass the exam

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Thanks, hope so too!