[Closed] KSJC ATC Training for Advanced server

Hey Guys I am trying to become a ATC on the Advanced server if you would like to help me out with some feedback please come to KSJC in San Fransico Thanks I will Be ATCing Ground and Tower please remaining in the pattern would help!

Comin over for some patterns

Thanks for the help

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Closed thanks for u those that helped! will be back in 30 minutes!

Good: Just 4 Comments:

  1. Credits: @anon43874684: Thai 1976, Taxi to runway 30R, contact tower when ready
    (You already gave him the clearance to contact tower, so you don’t need to say Thai 1976, Contact KSJC Tower on ----- )

  2. I requested transition, you didn’t respond to it!

  3. [Quiz] When I changed my takeoff clearance to Remaining In The Pattern I did this because …

  • I was a nub, and was lazy to put “Departing …”
  • I was trying to tell you that I was going to do touch and goes
  • I was trying to follow Thai 1976 to wherever he was going too
  • I was trying to let you know that I was going to be in your airspace for a while, so no need to tell me to switch or change frequencies

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  1. Why did you close after a while?
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@Raajheer1 Technically there are two answers.

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Ok And The reason i ignored your tranistion is because you requested a trasition while flying away from my airspace i was waiting on You to fly towards so i could give you the tranistion but after i said stand by it didnt give me the option for transition anymore

No, I requested transition because I wanted to know what altitude your airspace went to. Remember, I was flying a B777, I need more space to bank, descend and slow down. That’s why; A: I was flying away, but still on right downwind B: I requested transition for which altitude I’m no longer in your airspace (I can look at the map to see the airspace boundaries for KSJC) Correct me anyone if I’m wrong on the following sentence (for Infinite Flight in general) ** If a pilot requests transition on base, long final, downwind or crosswind, then the controller should respond on which the transition level is.

Pilots should only request a transition if they are passing over a controllers airspace. Requesting a transitions when already in the pattern is not correct. Sorry I wasn’t able to make your session Raaj :/

Thanks Mason, my mistake, though I thought I could transition if I wanted to depart his airspace/airport.

Ya no problem thanks for clearing this up

Requesting departure then transition is the proper way to do that.