[Closed] KSEA Event @ KSEA - 060300ZSEP15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: *Seattle Wa

Airport: *KSEA to KPDX

Time: *NOW!!!

NOTAM: *i am bored so if anyone wants to join me I will be at KSEA come join!

I’ll join for a few minutes,


Ok thanks

Thanks you the website Swang007

What’s your call sign? I’m in the BBJ

I’m Alaska 168
I will be on in a second

ATC playground

That’s me next to you

Where are you

Sorry. Had to leave. 😔

Are you coming back

Sorry no. Maybe lets do something tomorrow

Ok sounds good

If anyone wants to fly right now just let me now

Me yeah I will fly

Ok i just made I post so let’s wait 3 minutes and see if anyone wants to fly to

Atc playground
Seattle seatac
I’m Alaska 168