[CLOSED] KSEA ATC OPS | Training Server

I’ll be working ATC ops for KSEA right now (19:20 PDT) until at least 20:20 PDT. Come by work some patterns, or include me in your flight plan for tonight! Hope to see many here!

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See you soon! American 127

Thank you for your help today!

Are you interested in joining the IFATC team or were you just looking to have a little fun with ATC tonight?

I’ve been “having fun” with ATC since the launch of live, but don’t really know anything about IFACT or any ATC groups. Is it something I should take interest in? I’ve got about 450 operations, and I love controlling every now and then, but also love flying just as much.

I’m the same as you. Flying is my main thing, but I’ve been enjoying ATC more and more. I’d say, if it’s something you don’t want to work too hard at improving on, don’t worry about it. But, if you want to master it, train hard and show interest in joining IFATC in the community. People who show interest in becoming part of the IFATC team are thoroughly screened and tested and if they meet the criteria, they will be officially recognized as a controller in the IF community. IFATC have access to ATC operations in the Expert Server and are expected to perform at the highest, most professional level while controlling. I just need to take my last test (and I’m confident I’ll pass!) and I’ll join the ranks of IFATC soon, too. It’ll be an honor!


Good luck, @Koby_Thomas. And, @Leocunn, IFATC is like, to be honest… an honour, buddy. You should try it if you’re interested. Here you go!


Thanks! Just need to hear back from my recruiter to set up the test!

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