(Closed) KSAN Southern California Approach Playground

See you soon :) on KSAN now!

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What server?!?!?!?!?!?

Playground and I changed to KSAN now

Excepting pattern work? // Recruiter

Offline now. I was not allowing pattern work when it was busy.

And can someone maby beat this guy in his air force one, he deserves it… :’) The white plane was landing.


I liked what you were trying to do. Message me when you want to practice more. Are you looking to do ATC on advanced server ? // Recruiter

What did you liked Tom? And sure, advanced would be cool, but I have no hurry. I only have 17k xp yet. That advanced server must be an ATC heaven because of all the pilots who actually listen.

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You were attempting to sequence aircraft It was busy and many don’t listen. If you have not already, read under Tuturials " The art of Sequening ". It’s very good Message me anytime your controlling. We like for you to do tower and ground at same time also

Yep I tried that with the pattern instructions, it did work quite well, but those instructions are still too difficult for a lot of pilots on playground. So I have to guess which pilots listen and which not so I can anticipate on that. I will be ATC in a few hours again or so. Oh and I mostly take Tower and Ground at the same time when I’m controlling a small airport, but Ground was taken already when I started controlling today.


Active as Approach on KNUC now

be there in 10?

Sure david :)

Cool be there soon!

Already so many pilots who disobey orders…sign

Flew to KNUC earlier. No one ever listens!

100% right, but trying now. Those ** fighter jets always coming in with 1000 knots and telling me : UNABLE… … :’)
EDIT: My app crashed… Trying to get back in.
EDIT 2: I’m controlling again.

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Power just went out, I was knocked of the server!

I don’t move mind when the fighters come in, its when ther barrel in at 900 knots!

Back on, Cargolux 135!

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