[Closed] KSAN - KNUC ATC Playground Event @ KSAN - 042000ZOCT15

Anyone up for it? It’s just a simple case of following me to KNUC.

Username - B767fan
Call sign - Dreamjet
Aircraft - Boeing 757 UPS

( @infiniteflightmad35 is already coming (I think))


I’m there.
Aircraft: 757 DHL
Callsign: DHL 4 75 Heavy
Username: KSNA

Great! It’s 20:00 GMT!

I’ve changed aircraft, I’m a UPS 757.

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Roger that. Where will you located on the field?

Yeah, T1 gate ?

Might come depending on what I’m doing

When is this?

Tonight, In about an hour.

What aircraft?

If I do 777F TNT

That’s about 5:10am for me, getting some sleep. I’m sorry I couldn’t come, but next time check the AEST and ask me. :)

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OK. See you there!

That’s a shame. I will defo check next time! :)

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It isn’t, want me to fly a 747-8F Cargo Plane while I’m drowzy? Think of it that way :)

I’ll be at T1 gate 17
Callsign:TNT1717 Heavy
Username: Belfast spotter

I’ll be positioned at T1 gate 3

Everyone sorry I can’t do as I lag out all the time

Course I do!

Event starting now.