[Closed] KSAN active on PG, test my skills!

I am active right now on KSAN, come and test my skills! Server: playground

Thank you for coming! :)

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Good job. I had to drop as soon as I got in the air because of work (grrrr).

Good use of separation commands on the group. Some people cut in front of others so dont be afraid of the “give way to” command.

You originally told me to taxi to 09 even though both were green and planes were landing on 27. I sent another request and you sent me to 27.

I hope others give feedback as well, I was glad to see traffic in the morning.

Keep it up!

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I really do appreciate it :)

Can I ask what your callsign was?

I was trying to do so runway 27 was for inbound aircraft and 09 for takeoff but everyone was requesting to taxi to 27.

I hope you can make it next time I control :D

American 224 was my callsign.

With only one runway you are asking for trouble. Someone would end up taking off into the path of one landing. This will also help you to learn spacing. Don’t worry if the ground gets backed up, it adds to the realism like in real life. But just make sure you don’t leave too much of a gap between.

Hope that helps.

Search for the perfect ATC test post. The video has a great example of sequencing and flow.