(Closed )Korean Air Virtual Airlines Recruitment Event @ RKSI - 171500ZFEB18I

Server: *Casual

Region: South Korea

Airport: RKPK (Gihame)

Time: 1500Z

Photo credit of DavidK.

NOTAM: * Welcome to Korean Air Virtual Airlines first event. We will take you through a very scenic route from Gihame airport in South Korea across the southern tip of the peninsula and up the west coast into where we will land at one of our main hubs in Incheon.

This flight will take approx 45mins - 1hr to complete. So please take 2 hrs of fuel on board.
Copy Flight plan once you are in. Every one Spawn in 5 minutes before the departure time.

Aircraft allowed for this flight is any of Korean Air current fleet.

In the Korean Air Liveries
B737-800 Generic Livery
B787-9 Generic Livery

When requesting a gate please say the aircraft planning on flying. We don’t want jumbos in small gates.
Gate assignment

Gate01 B737-900 Cbro
Gate04 B777-200 ER SlimeFlyer
Gate22 B777-200ER David K
Gate 31B737-900 Sapper
Gate 32 B737-900 Deltabro
Gate 34
Cargo 36 B777-200F Nashes
More gates are available if needed.

Welcome aboard we hope you enjoy your flight with Korean Air.

Check our main page out for future and exciting announcements


It’s Saturday, February 17th at 10:00 EST, right? Did an event at RKPS earlier, and the scenery is beautiful.


Yea the scenery is amazing! Well do hope you’re coming!

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It’s Saturday at 10:00am EST, correct?

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Yes sir! But do spawn in earlier for us to take pictures. I’d say 5-10 mins earlier.

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Ok. I should be able to make it. I’ll take a gate.


Awesome welcome aboard what aircraft will you be flying

Hmm… I got to think on that one.

@sapper I’ll take the 777-200ER, please.

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Your gate is assigned welcome aboard

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Hello, I’ll take a gate and I will fly the 777-200ER

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Hello welcome abaord will be Gate 04. Enjoy your flight.

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I’ll take the 737-800

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Welcome Aboard please take Gate 08. Enjoy your flight

Alright! I’ll be there

Maybe maybe not depends when I wake up lol take 772F

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Welcome aboard your gate is assigned. If you can’t make it please let us know asap so we change that out. Enjoy your flight

Best of luck to your VA!

FlyBe Virtual Team.


Actually if i am able to change to a 737-900ER that would be awesome.

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I can change ya to a 737-900 but not sure if I can do a 737-900ER 😁

Oh sorry I thought it was an ER.

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