[CLOSED] KONT/Ontario on Playground 🇺🇸

@htchngs Good controlling.

a) You really indeed learn from your “mishaps”. Yestarday I asked to taxi (without runway specification) after landing and you said to taxi to parking. Today you told me to taxi to the runway - +1

b) After doing pattern work I “out of nowhere” told you I’m coming in for a full stop. You attempted to correct me, saying for me to go and make a touch and go. However, I did actually mean full stop. I reported again to notify you, but you said not to spam your frequency and told me to be cleared for the option and make right traffic. I did not respond to this as “Unkowledge”. After I exitted the runway, you asked for my intentions, meaning you didn’t realize I was coming in for a full stop. Then the part a) came, where you learned from your “mistake”. So here I advise you to look closely to the msgs pilots send you. I am as well applying for an ATC, so I can’t really tell what you did good and what you did bad, however these are the things I noticed :)

Just some contructive crititism on part b). Don’t take it as an insult :P


Thank you for the feedback. What was your callsign? :)

N65GT. @htchngs

Just back from an hour of Pattern. Pretty good, but a couple of pointers:
A) Whilst Clearing people before they have said anything is ok, after the go-around you cleared me for a touch and go, whereas I was originally went in for a full stop before the go around. I re-announced my position but for a full stop. You then gave me the ‘You are already cleared to land’ message. If you do is in future, be prepared for people with different requests than you think.
B) If people go a little wide when turning final, it does not mean necessarily mean they have the wrong RW and you need to change their clearance. I went wide on my first pattern and you did this.

I didn’t hear the instructions for the Chris S incident, but whoever made a mistake made me just a little grumpy 😒. Everyone makes mistakes though…

Yeah it was a good time. I loved the zero wind :) That added confusion for people who saw the 08 being green and was a challenge to correct people. Overall it was a good experience and I would gladly fly while you are controlling again.

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Yes, he was a good controller. You didn’t happen to see a plane fly past you as you were taking off one time did you😉

Cleared for the option is defined as below, so you were already cleared to land.

^ My apologies. I wasn’t sure, as I think I had switched your runway quite late and I thought you might have forgotten - so I tried to make space for you on the other runway.

^ The Chris S incident?

Heading to KONT to do some pattern work. I’m still learning, so any advice or scold is more than welcome. Thanks!

Ah! I just logged off after 3 hours of controlling :(

I might be back on a tower, controlling pattern work, in a couple of hours or tomorrow :)

Oh! nvm, see you next time then! :) Good luck with your exam preparation! :)

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A) I did know this before hand (well done for using it correctly :-P). I only requested again because it gave me touch and go instructions and I wanted a full stop.
B) From how I remember it, you cleared me for an option on the R, then cleared me to land on the R, and then you cleared me for and option on the L, whenI overshot a little while lining up for final. That was unless for put me on the L on the 2nd one, I can’t remember it perfectly.
C) A little drastic calling it an incident, but it was when someone went wrong and I nearly landed on poor Chris.

Still, a good session. I just loved how you said ‘Thank You’ after each instruction :-P Good luck for the ATC test.

Thanks to @Chris_S, @Hamza_Adan, @Maxim, @IceBlue, @StikLover2 and others for turning up and giving me some traffic for those 3 hours!

I hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to leave any more feedback.

Until next time…
First Officer Tom

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Thank you for the motivation to finally go out and get some XP :-P.

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^ Again, you could have proceeded for a landing just fine without more clearance.

^ Oh, was that when I asked you to go around?

^ Haha, thanks! Hope to see you soon (on the Advanced Server?) :)

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To clear up a little bit of confusion that people are having, cleared for the option DOES include a full stop/landing. Cleared for the option is NOT a clearance exclusively for a touch and go- it also applies to a full stop.

@IceBlue: Technically, Tom is correct in already having cleared you for a full stop, since cleared for the option does include a full stop. However, some of our advanced controllers reclear for landing to confirm that they’ve understood the pilot’s intentions. It’s really a two way street- some controllers will do it, some don’t. Personally, I don’t reclear for landing after they’ve already been cleared for something (the option) in the first place.


I am still coming for you with that spin and stall at 300kts. :)

Do you reallllllyyy have to remind me? -_________-

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It was a jokee don’t take it srs dawg :(

That was a joke on my end as well… I’m really bad with jokes, as a heads up for the future. ;)

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