[Closed] KNUC tower now open (playground) !

Feel free to fly in/out and test my ATC skills!

I’m there - although no active ATC yet?

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Playground? I’m controlling tower now. Just cleared a 748 for take-off.

What’s your call sign?

Found you! (Filler)

I’m now an observer! What the HELL is going on!

I’m approach now

Not anymore, server seems really laggy so I quit

Yeah I was confused too - I guess you couldn’t really do much. I was disconnected several times from tower frequency so that’s probably why I didn’t see you at first. I continued my pattern and those glitches continued players flew into the ground on my screen and as if a miracle popped up on top again. I would love to rate your work but it obviously won’t happen :/. This seems to be an issue that many other ATC/pilots had today.

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