[Closed] KNUC to KLAX A380 Event @KNUC - 250000ZSEP15

The a380 event is today 25/9/25 bring an A380 any livery to KNUC on FFS for a flight to KLAX… See you there! ✈️

[quote=“IF_A_TEAM, post:1, topic:9922”]
[/quote] Is it 2015?


Also, this is in the wrong category. @dush19 can you move it?

Done :) I don’t know where he is. I wonder when the event is so that the time can be filled…

I would just put 1700Z (About Now).

What time is the event ? And is their a FP ?

Really sorry… I do apologise 😔

I don’t think KNUC best fitted for A380’s