[Closed] KNUC Southern California Flight @KPSP - 231500ZSEP17

Server: Expert ATC Server

Region: Southern California

Airport: KPSP

Time: 1400Z - Saturday

NOTAM: *Hi all, with the upcoming release of Global edging itself closer and closer I wanted to remember the Southern California region in IF (Especially the most renowned San Clamente) Were it all started for me in IF were I worked my way up the ranks in multiplayer. So I want to do a flight from Palm Springs Airport to San Clamente.

We will fly at 14,000ft and descend when we are 45nm away from KNUC at 1600ft/m to 3000ft were I look forward to seeing some great landings! On the day I will spawn and file the flight plan which you can all copy. (Or copy from the one listed below)*


A319, A320, A321, 737-800, 737-900, 757-200 in an American Airlines (New) or Delta Airlines livery.

Flight Plan:


Gates and ATC:

To make the event a bit more organised I will be assigning gates at KPSP and request if someone can do ATC at KPSP and KNUC, then we will have to figure something out a KNUC (with only 8 gates) to get a good photo! Also I ask when requesting gates you tell me your callsign. (Request that callsign matches airline that you will be flying)

KPSP Ground-
KPSP Tower-

KNUC Ground-
KNUC Tower-
KNUC Approach-

Gate 01- @Alex_Hancock - American 01
Gate 02- @PixelToast - N192JV
Gate 03-
Gate 04-
Gate 05-
Gate 06-
Gate 07-
Gate 08-
Gate 09-
Gate 10-

(More gates will be assigned if needed

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What day does this take place? I would love to participate.

September 23rd.
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Would you like a gate then?

Yes please that would be great!

What Callsign will you have?

I will have callsign N192JV.

Sorry the event has been closed 😭 really sorry

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