[Closed] KMIA Tower and Ground TS1

Closed due to Nimrods


On my way!!

American Freedom III - AMF03

Requested Flightplan - KMIA - KMIA 3,000ft
Maintenance Pattern Work Flight

See you there @Balloonchaser and @Alfonso22

Anyone else see @anon66442947 ?

Can do a few patterns…

Try and work around the idiots not listening the best that you can.


Gonna watch @anon66442947 land, anyone behind me can takeoff

Feedback? anyone, please

Just Ignoring 'em, When IFATC They’re gone with one push

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Just remember to always give pattern entry for any runway changes. Be sure to always Sequence aircraft for each runway separately . And clear for the option/ land a little sooner.

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I was a bit puzzled with the ATC Options

Everything else flawless?

When I was cleared for takeoff, you didn’t give me pattern instructions, so then when I turned to the right away from Ballonchaser, you told me to please follow instructions, other than that, I stalled and crashed doing a turn XD you were good :D

I kept disconnecting because 5 people were texting me at once… So my phone was going crazy

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I told u to make left traffic, that’s why

huh, I dont ever see a tower doing that when another aircraft is right next to him on the side you told me to go, and when you told me to follow instructions, I looked at my log and it said “PR-PRB cleared for takeoff, runway 08R” nothing about a pattern.

Well If I put u in a Right turn u would’ve intercepted 09s departures

If your wanting to be part of IFATC, start with smaller , less crazy airports. That don’t have so many runways that cross.


Part of the Challenge! 😎😉

I forgot u were my trainer lol

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