[Closed] @ KMHT Daniel's ATC Tracking Thread TS1

Hello! I’m currently open on both Ground and Tower here in my hometown of Manchester, NH.

Currently, Runway 17 is in use. I don’t wish to do pattern work, as I kind of want a Realistic type of operation, such as having a Flightplan in place, and using the proper aircraft in the Terminal and Cargo Area.

In the Terminal:
Delta, American, United, and Southwest only.

United uses Gate 1 and 2
Delta uses Gate 5 and 6
American uses Gate 8 and 9
Southwest uses Gates 11-15A

FedEx and UPS only

All other airplanes are to spawn in the GA Ramp, and No bigger than a Boeing 747-400 allowed into MHT.
Airbus A380’s are not allowed.

Runway 17 is currently in use.

Hope to see some people fly in and out of MHT.

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I’ll come if I can do pattern work, really need to get down on that to grade 4 😉

Sorry, Already closed as I’m heading to bed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll open back up

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