[CLOSED] KLM "Royal Dutch" VA on World Tour! @ EHAM - 141900ZJAN17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: *Amsterdam & The Netherlands *

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1900Z

Hello pilots, the Royal Dutch VA is going on World tour! After a huge success at our last event we have decided to do another. Our first tour is around our home region of Amsterdam! the flight plan can be copied from KLM 03 , we will first fly from EHAM to EBBR and cruise at FL120-280kts and have there a little stop and then continue to EDDL cruise at FL190-280kts and have there also a little stop! And then continue to ´home´ and there cruise at FL210-280kts
please come in the following aircrafts! (klm livery!)


Gates are as follows:
C5:@Thomas_Ralph , KLM 02
C6: AB_Pilot , KLM 05
C7: @ProMustafaTK ,
C8: @turkish534
C9: @Mr.MAN_NL , KLM 03
C10: @Andri_Sepat
C 11: Pandu_Margi , KLM 320
C12: Mees , KLM 308
C13: @United_739 , KLM 300
C14: Liam_purcell , KLM 09
C15: Boeing777x , KLM 007
C16: Gavrilo , KLM 309
C18: @Qaz_Qaz , KLM 310
D02: @AppleOneGT
D03: @Nate_Schneller
D04: @Abhishek_Bhattachary

EHAM : Jeffrey1o2

More gates can be arranged if needed. Also if you would like to join KLM check out our post on the VA section or comment below.
Thanks and happy flying and hope to see you there.

All the team at KLM Virtual! 😀


pls join me C8, wll come with B737

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Sign me up please

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I’m coming in my brand new 787-9! In the previous event I got the callsign KLM308.

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Your in , thanks for supporting KLM !

I’ll come again, had a great flight last time. I was KLM 300.

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No 777-300ER?

I will be ATC at EHAM. Any issues and I will let you know.

KLM 09 will be there and will be looking to recruit.

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Count me in aswell KLM103

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could I come in an Embraer 190?

I’ll be there KLM 007 And I’ll take Gate C 15 I’m Boeing777x IFC

Yes that’s fine!


Yes you have now got a gate, please see above, I can’t tag more than 10 people lol!


I currently use calling City 420, since the the City callsign is for KLM city hopper , could I keep my Call Sign as is? if not I’m fine with KLM309 for this event.

HI, could u please assign me a gate to. Tnx!

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Yes use whatever callsign, that callsign is there as a backup


Sign me up at gate D02!

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Your in, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)