(Closed) KLM Long Haul @ EHAM - 220500ZJAN18

Server: Expert Server

Region: Amsterdam Schipol

Departure Airport: EHAM

Arrival Airport: WMKK

Aircraft: Boeing B777-300ER

Livery: Traditional KLM B77W livery or Orange Pride KLM B77W livery.

Time: 0500Z (10 PM MST, 11 PM CST, 12 AM EST, 9 PM PST)

Expected Flight Time: 12 Hours


Cruising Altitude: FL380
Crusing Speed: Mach 0.85

Be forewarned, this event will go into the night and morning of the following day. If this is not the type of event that you like, please just pass it by ;)


E02: @Drew33950
E06: @Mike
E08: @Infinite.flight


Sounds fun, Ill be there!


I’ll be their. And not to mention I am a part of the AF VA too. 😉

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I have done a lot of Long hauls upto 15h. Ill take a gate please

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Maybe a AF-KLM VA Event Sponsorship?!? :)

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Sign me up… dot dot dot dot

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Gates will be assigned soon.

@Drew33950 @NationofAviation @Mike your gates have been assigned.
We pushback in 7.5 hours!

Are you able to attend? :)

Sadly no as I will be taking a regents exam at the time of arrival

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Last m changes won’t be able to attend as I will be traveling at that time. Sorry dint notic the date!

A lot of people who sign up for events don’t either ;) so don’t worry about it.

Event pushback in 3.5 hours. You can find KLM 809 Heavy and copy direct the flightplan. Information on Cruising, winds, temperatures, and exepcted visibilty in Kualua Kumpur expected upon takeoff.

Hi, I’d like to join please

Pushback is in 15 minutes on the Expert Server. You still willing?

Yep, still good to go

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Spawn in now to E18 :) and look for KLM 809 Heavy.

Event is now underway! If you want to join you have under 5 minutes to spawn in before all aircraft have departed EHAM.

Thanks to the 2 extra pilots joining us making our total count of 5 B77W KLM aircraft departing EHAM airspace for Kuala Lumpur! :)

Estimated Time of Arrival: 10 Hours and 33 Minutes or 6:00 PM local time

Updates will be made during decent tomorrow on our status. If we turned into the next Air Crash Investigation please only hire good investigators lol.

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Ladies and Gentlemen from the flight deck,

We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight with KLM today. We are about 2 hours out of Kuala Lumpur. Weather down on the ground is mostly cloudy, about 80 degrees, winds out of the North-West, good visibility.

If you have any questions please let one of your flight attendants know. Again we will be on the ground in roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes. Local time is 11:15 PM.
It’s been our pleasure having you with us so far. Enjoy the rest of your flight.