[CLOSED] KLM Heavy Landing Competition @ EHRD - 132030ZDEC16

So as heavy as possible, with the sliders all the way to the right, which is very unrealistic, or MLW?

Good question. I mean MLW, not literally max weight. That’s what I meant when I said 100% load - just presumed people thought I meant MLW straight away. I shall change the wording of it now to make it clearer.

100% is rather ambiguous. :)
MLW not a challenge. It’s really easy.

Some people are just used to flying in like 30% load though so it would be for them. 😉

I usually fly with MLW.
I do a lot of pattern work at EHRD with the 737 and 739, so I have a lot of hours in these aircraft.
I fly the 789 a lot as well, but at EHAM instead of EHRD. :)

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Just wish we had more people to do it now…

Yesterday I even tried 100% load, just for fun. So the sliders all the way to the right. Never did that before.
Landing speed was a bit higher and the aircraft was harder to control, but I was still able to make a pretty good touchdown. :)

I would but that’s 4:30am for me…

Sign me up

That’s shame. Presuming you live in the middle/far east?

Sure, callsign to be used: COMP05.

Nope. Singapore…
But I’m half English and a quarter Irish… :)

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Can i enter?

May I also join?

sign me up please :D

Callsign to be used - COMP05

@Panther - you must use COMP06 please

@Matthew_Harrison - you must use COMP07 please



Please help me with the weight of the aircraft.
Can the weight be just on MLW (between green and orange)?
Or is there something I got wrong.

Later on today, perhaps even earlier tomorrow morning I will create a private PM to you all and explain some things to you, currently this is one of them because I feel like 66% load is too light for it to be a challenge at the minute, though I will confirm the new weight later on.

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I will sign up if I know the time in AEST basically Sydney Australia time I am terrible at the time zones

Check this website : http://www.timebie.com/timezone/gmtaest.php

Scroll to the bottom and find the GMT time, then follow the column to AEST

I live in Brisbane. This is really helpful!