[CLOSED] KLM Heavy Landing Competition @ EHRD - 132030ZDEC16

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHRD

Time: 2030Z

NOTAM: Must use Boeing 737-700, KLM livery ONLY

Me and @Captain_Infinite will be hosting a landing competition for all people to take part in at Rotterdam The Hague airport, not like your usual event.

Participants will get just ONE shot at attempting the best landing possible - only you have to configure your aircraft to be at it’s Max Landing Weight (MLW) - something which will be slightly trickier with the shorter runway available at EHRD. I will be your judge and to observe I will occupy the Tower frequency there in order to get the best possible vantage point.

There will be a scoring system which we have worked out, which will also include the taxiing after landing as we think that this should also be constituted as part of the landing procedure. I will create a private PM explaining this further to those of you who wish to sign up for this.

When the time comes, please refrain from taking off from EHRD as I don’t want people flying a tight pattern around the airspace just to do it quickly. Try and use any orher suitable airport if possible to take off from if possible.

If you sign up, I will put you on the entrants list below. You will be allocated a callsign which MUST be used when competing, otherwise your entry won’t count. Winners will be announced no more than 24 hours after the event and if selected you must be able to provide a screenshot of your load (100%) otherwise you will be disqualified. (We don’t want that, so please remember to do this!)

As already stated, this will start at 2030Z and it will close at 2130Z - any landings before or after this time WILL NOT count, unless we have a high volume of entrants in which case the time frame may be reconsidered.

To join simply state your interest below - good luck and have fun!

COMP01 - @a380fan
COMP02 - @Captain_Infinite
COMP03 - @Jan
COMP04 - @AdamCallow
COMP05 - @daga957334
COMP06 - @Panther
COMP07 - @Matthew_Harrison
COMP08 - @QR01
COMP09 - @Melker16
COMP10 - @Hamza_Adan
COMP11 - Callum_Howes
COMP12 - CaptCurt


Is this Monday?


13th is Tuesday.

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Oh lol me and dates:) I wish I could make it but I’m busy, I suggest you move it to a weekend to make it more available:)
Sounds so fun, great idea!


Yeah, though I think there are other events going taking place on the weekend…

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I understand, I’ll message you again if I actually can make it:)

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I’m up for this event.

Sure, I’ll add you.
Callsign - LANDCOMP 01

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I’ll take LANDCOMP 02 😌

Sure, I can’t tell you the scoring criteria before hand though 😉

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Haha now that would be telling 😉

The runway isn’t that short.
A 747 landed there as well, when it had to divert because of snow at EHAM.
It’s pretty rare, but still.


Yeah, ok, but 7200ft isn’t the longest runway in the world is it?

And do you want to join?

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Sounds fun!
I hope I can make it.

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The callsign of LANDCOMP 01 will not work. Max 8 characters no spaces.

I will come by.

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Thanks for reminding me, I forgot. I will change them to COMP__. I’ll put you down as COMP04. @Jan I’ll provisionally put you down as COMP03.

Try to use COMP03 if poss please…

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This might be too easy!

It will with only 4 people doing it. 😉