(CLOSED)KLM Cityhopper flight @ EHAM - 012000ZAPR17

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Hello everyone, KLM is back with another event! This week we will fly from EHAM over to EDDL at FL170. We will depart from runway 18L (if weather conditions allow). The flight plan will be posted closer to the event so that we could plan out Weather Predictions for the best departure. Flight plan should either be copied from KLM 01 Heavy or KLM 420! Please follow all ATC instructions at airport, and please do not troll or cut I front of the CEO(KLM 01 Heavy)! Thanks everyone and have fun. Happy Flying!
Please use a callsign starting with KL or KLM and either the E190 or any 737(with KLM livery) when requesting a gate. We will ONLY be using the E190 and 737’s for this flight!

Gates are as follows:
Gate D02: AVIONICS KLM 01 Heavy
Gate D03: @Fall_Etto KLM 2506
Gate D04: nicoustic KLM 45
Gate D05: Northwest KLM 100
Gate D07: NurDieSchweiz KLM 05
Gate D08: Rafaeru KLM 18
Gate D10: Gavrilo EQ420
Gate D12: @Hugh_Cooper KLM 738
Gate D14: @personmajig KLM 91
Gate D16: @Lee_Rutter KLM 103
Gate D18: @alfie_jenning KLM 272
Gate D21: @Jurassicpark_1993 KLM 6213
Gate D22: @Tom_Luciani KLM 73
Gate D23: @Paulo_Henrique KLM 405
Gate D24: @MntyFresh KLM 42069
Gate D25: @Lamale99 KLM 2238
Escorts: (fighters only)
Gate C04: Rodney_Buckland IFC01
Gate C05: jlindsey524
Gate C06
More gates can be arranged if needed!

ATC: (if you would like to be ATC please pm me)
EHAM Tower: Cpt_Chris
EHAM Ground: Cpt_Chris
EHAM Departure: AggieAirlines
EHAM Approach: AggieAirlines
EDDL Tower: samuel_48
EDDL Ground: samuel_48
EDDL Approach: rohaim_khedr
EDDL Departure:

Hope to see you there everyone!


Yes you may. What callsign and aircraft will you be using

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Roger will u be in 737 or E190?

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Whats the date of the event

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April 1st (next Saturday)

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Put me under escort for fighter from INFINITE FLIGHT COBRAS plz

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Roger you’ll be added

Just thought to point out this typo. If you’re only flying the E190 and 737 the callsign “heavy” should not be employed. Have a great event :)

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I really want to join!

I will be EHAM APPR and DEPT

Roger I’ll add you in

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IFTSATC will be present controlling at this event,

Can I come in the E190 with my own call sign? EQ420 but KLM livery?

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Can I have a gate please
I will be flying the 737
My Callsign will be KLM 738

Can I please have a gate? KLM91 B739

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EDDL tower and ground please

For this flight, it shouldn’t be used even with a larger aircraft because the suffix “heavy” is only used in the US. But in this case, that is his official KLM VA callsign that doesn’t change (a bit like how Mark uses “Skyhawk Heavy”.

If it isn’t possible at all to use a KLM callsign then sure just be sure to follow everyone else

We would like you to use a KLM callsign to make the event look professional and so other people don’t advertise other VA’s

I’m sorry EDDL Tower and ground is taken is there something else you would like