[Closed] KLGA open on PG

Stop by for some low-vis patterns in the thunderstorm at KLGA!

I’m not going anywhere near the New York region.

Why not? It’s a challenge. Plus, the weather got a bit better. 6sm vis, winds 140@08, RVR runway 04 5500VP6000 ft.

If there’s a tornado watch, and a tornado does happen, I’m not going near 200+ mph winds.

C’mon, it’ll be fun. Bring a 172 ;)

I just flew in on free flight expecting a bumpy ride, but was smooth. Light winds, low visibility but not too bad. Boring.

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200mph winds in a tornado is a massive tornado, If one was to happen in NY it was be a EF1- EF2 tops.

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I was just in that region, the winds were not even a bit treacherous. Maybe 7kt gusts a the most, but other then that, it was “a breeze” 😏😏

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Just wait, in ten minutes . . .

Another reason I’m not doing it is because I’m moderating a livestream now.

Thanks for the Awesome Service, Nicholas!

Had a great time and no mistakes at all :)

No problem! Thanks for coming. Too bad the weather got better though.

Honestly, when’s the last time a tornado’s happened in NY… Lol

Even if it does, the tri-state area doesn’t get severe tornadoes, maybe EF0s to EF2s, only up to 135 mile per hour winds.

Actually, a couple years ago we had a small one on Fire Island.

Well, now the weather is practically perfect at KLGA, somehow, even though the weather is still bad outside.

You should ask @FedoraPilot how his flight was in real life with the rain and thunder.

@Patrick_U, can you come?

Remember the microburst in 2010?

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Sorry, about to………💤

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Ok, next time then.