[Closed] KLGA Open Now! (TS1)

Tower and Ground Open, Feedback would be very welcome

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I am coming in as United 700 in a Q400 good luck!

Good work. There was only one thing. (I was in the C-130).

When I was on right downwind, there were 2 people in front of me. One was on short final, and the other on a right base. You meant to sequence me behind the guy on base I think, but you said #2 traffic to follow is on final, leading me to believe I was following the guy who was about to land. Just make sure you are careful of things like that. Good work.

Doesn’t matter public is fine

Just some things:

•Without requesting take-off you sent me the line up and wait instruction, you should wait for the pilot to request take-off clearance and then give a command. When I was on the runway you told me to say intentions, if you told me to line up I should not request take-off clearance.

•You cleared me for the option and always said make right traffic, this is not necessary because you already do this on the take-off clearance only needed when changing left to right traffic because I could just end my pattern work there.

•Rest was already stated by @Ksisky

Yesh gut controlling just some thinks you do wrong:

  1. You cleared me for pushback but behind me was the southwest 737. After a minute you said give way to aircraft that was ways to late !
  2. After that you sequence @Ksisky as number 3 and said traffic to follow on right downwind but the traffic was right base.
    3.After that you sequence me number 3 traffic to follow on final but traffic to follow was on right downwind.
    4.Then i follow the traffic and you cleared me number 1 but the traffic befor me was still on final.
    I have for every situation a screenshot for analysing it or whatever.
    Apart from this it was good controlling 🤙

The screenshots on Dm please