(Closed) KLAX tower and ground open

I’m currently controlling at KLAX at TS1 if you want to test my ATC skills

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I told everybody traning server 1

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Best of luck as KLAX is nuts even when it is not very busy …

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Welp, good luck trying to control TS1 KLAX…

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Yeah ts1 is always ridulouly busy. I have trouble controlling the KLAX place because of too many planes


Here comes @blizzard again:)

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Yep, good luck controlling KLAX on the Training Server xD

If you can’t control KLAX, then don’t control there. Start at a smaller airport. You’ll learn better.

It’s like a real blizzard. Except with likes instead of ice and snow. [Spoiler] @Blizzard [/Spoiler]

Pretty much :)

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