[Closed] Klax to ksan 747 event

hey I will do a event. It is a any kind of 747 plane! The time would be 6:30 Idaho USA. Dallas time 7:30 . Newyork time is 8:30 California 5:30. Act playground. I will lead my call sign is delta 505 and parking aa computer parking44a. Follow me

Comment If coming

When Today

Its not california time its actually PST and like the New York its EST

Not to be turbulent, but this time of year it’s EDT.

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Thats not my point either way its not Denver time thats was my point

Lets do it tommorow

I’ll try to be there

Is this on today? If so I’ll be there hopefully

i did a similar event yesterday and same route and plane type…not sure if i will be there…

I was there yesterday day aswell @Omari_Joseph

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yup…i remember you…you should have seen me as well… @Wren_Jago

Check out my next event I am organisingHERE

Hey guys I couldn’t do it yesterday so let’s do it again

I’m coming

wich gate is this?