[Closed] Kings Escort (IFWP Official Event) @ KEDW - 031500ZOCT15

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: KEDW–>KSAN

Time: Saturday at 1500Z and Monday at 0200Z*


In the light of recent events (Bloodmoon) we wanted
this weeks event to be space-related, and what better way to celebrate
than to fly a close-escort formation with our lovely NASA liveries!

Aircraft type: Fighters, Shuttle Carrier (747-SCA) and 747-SOFIA
Flight plan:
KEDW --> KSAN (Runway 21 --> 27)

  • Fly at or above 2k Feet, 500 feet when passing KLAX (do not forget to ask for transition if the tower is active) if you are flying in formation with 747-SCA.
  • In case you chose to escort/fly with SOFIA, climb to FL400 and fly from there.

Screenshot over way points: (Red for Shutte carrier, and blue for SOPHIA)

IFWP wishes you happy flying!
P.S, I heard some event leaders are going to fly fighters!


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Me too ^^ Lets fill the sky! :D

But, many members are on Playground

the reason why we wont fly on playground is because of the possibility that any user can grab ATC position, thus making the flight unpleasent.

I will though reconsider FreeFlight Server :)

I just need to see how many are willing to actually show up :)

I might! Can I come in a C-17?

its shuttle carrier/sophia/fighters only! but if you really are unable to fly any of these, we welcome you anyway :)

May or may not go…

Hello guys! Dont forget that the event is TODAY at 15 zulu! I might be coming late due to an RL issue, but we will have an admin leading this event! Hope to see you in the skies!

//IFWP Event Admin

I’m crap at infinite flight but I will try to come what time is the event in real time where ever u live time

By the way is this website IFWP?

hello! We are a facebook community which is dedicated in ccreating a pleasent chatting/ event area for us all!

Here are some pictures from the 15.00 zulu event :)




Just found out about today’s event…and it still has about six more scheduled hours to go if your Zulu sync times are right…query then…how many SOFIA’a are allowed . .l have a lot of practice taking them up to 40K…and telescope height…if you want another pilot for that …please text me back ASAP…also do you have a flight plan filed or is it just based at LAX