(CLOSED) KillRs ATC tracking thread

KBUF TOWER and GROUND will be open until the thread title says close! I am on a long car ride and would like to get some Ops in!

Pattern Work is accepted
Feel free to send me feedback as I am working on becoming better! I am currently trying to better learn sequencing ATM.


Ok sure! Will be ther

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Great I’ll see you there!

Did you just leave? What server

TS I’m here go on Ground.

Ok good bye. See you there

I arrived in a SWA 737

Ok cool! I see you…

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For some reason my airspeed wasn’t going fast enough! So mad at myself.

I don’t think you throttled it enough

KBUF Tower and Ground is open on TS1 until 2115Z.

YYZ Ground and tower is now open until this thread is titled closed!

You might want to update this also :)

Back on topic, I will join you in several minutes. Nasa 1

I’ll stop by. N952SE

I’ll be there NSAM15

Hello! I recommend that you watch all of Tyler’s ATC tutorials found here.

Thanks for the service


Hey KillR,
How would you like your feedback, here or pm?

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@KillR when you are done controlling, please let us know if you accept any feedback.

Here or PM ??

I would suggest anyone with a tracking thread wants feedback 😉

PM please I hope I did alright