[Closed] KFRG Open on PG

Come and test my ATC skills at my home airport, KFRG, in the New York region.

Runway 32 in use for landings.

Runway 19 in use for pattern work and departures.

Nothing bigger than a 737 BBJ please.

METAR: KFRG 162253Z 29010G20KT 10SM CLR 18/M02 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP174 T01831017


Handled everything perfectly. Nice job!

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Thanks, Henrik! All I need now is a couple more people to prepare for the real thing.

Also, I noticed that you used “Wilco” instead of “Roger” as a response for the exit runway command. You’re a beta tester, right?

I’m just special. :)


Aren’t we all?

Are you still Open?

Still open over here!

Lufthansa 456 👍🏻

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I have Connection issues and my App crashed, but i will try again 😅

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Sorry for the delays, I’m getting a lot of texts from a friend.

Traffic advisorie??

Don’t worry, she stopped now. :)

Closed now. Thanks to those who came!

I dont now if you now, i use “iam sorry” when you did a mistake 😉
My Feedback:
Your clearances was a Little bit Late, you gave me The Most clearance when i moved from downwind to base, you CAN cleare me earlyer, just when i moved from crosswind to downwind… But this isnt a mistake!!
The only mistake in my eyes did you After The RW changes… I would give you The First Time After The Runway Change “clrd for The Option make left/ right Traffic” After this you can clear me without left/right Traffic (what you did). i realy would Stay longer, but you did See my very tight pattern, and as The inbound Aircraft was comming you cleared him 8 Miles Away from The Airport, and gave me Nr2, in this Time, i would fly more then 2 patterns… Therefore i requestet 19 But this is to windy 😂

My Rating would Be 8/10

Practice one Or two more Times, and then See U on Advanced mate!!

( iam a German ppl, pls apologize The terrible english, i Hope you Understand this 😅)

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