[CLOSED] Keith James good luck flight, ATCplayground, San Francisco Area @ KSFO - 232200ZJUN16

Let’s meet and fly together with our fellow Keith, leaving temporarily the community and starting a new page of his life in a real flight school.
We wish him all the best for his future and invite him to come back one day to tell us his great experience.

His name will be _keithjames99 and callsign IFIA215

Many Happy landings, Keith :)


Thank you :) see you all there at 2200Z at the Playground

The event just ended. There a hella lot more people at KSFO than usual. There was even people with their usernames as GLKeith, etc. Heck, even people trying to impersonate me with the same name and callsign. Thanks to everyone who came.

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Ohh… I thought 2200Z is in 15 minutes.

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Well, good luck for you!

haha same! Until I saw a over load on play ground and joined the fun!

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Dang it I missed it. I totally forgot! Anyways good luck!

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