[Closed] KCNO (Chino Airport) On Playground

Come Join!
Preferred Aircraft: All aircraft. Mainly GA and Military, but all other aircraft are ok.
Pattern Work: Allowed.
Runways for Patterns: 21
Runways for Takeoff/Landing for small aircraft: 26R
Runways for Takeoff/Landing for big aircraft: 26L
Status: Closed


Thanks for the service, good work!! I think the one clown that wouldn’t even tune into your frequency was trying to dogfight me in the pattern, smh. Never seen that before.

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Coming to test Ya skills ha ha

Oh, you were the F-16 doing pattern work! Vega31 if I remember correctly.

Yes, that was me. I try my best to support community members when they post ATC openings. Especially when they are at airports off the beaten path… Chino is so cool, home of “Planes of Fame”… One of my favorite aviation organizations!

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