[CLOSED] KASE Open Advanced (important info)

KASE Open Advanced Server. Please note 15 for landing and 33 for takeoff. No pattern work. All information needed is on charts found online or on this forum. Nothing bigger than an A321/B757 or I will ghost you after warnings.

On arrival to 15:

  • Roll to end of the runway, then you will be instructed to backtaxi. Please then backtaxi 15 and exit well past the takeoff queue.

On takeoff 33:

  • Please make a sharp turn once airborne to avoid inbound traffic
  • No dilly-dallying

On my way can’t wait

Goodluck width this hope to join ya soon!

I saw that take off. You’re worse than Joshua, seriously. :|


I have been summoned.


Yeah not my finest moment RIP grade 5

Lmao what were you doing. I was one command away from ghosting you…


In a post I read earlier…

If he can’t even take off in IF everybody on this flight would die 😳


Dude it was a little bit of fun. No need to take it too seriously


Some poeple on this forum do not understand how to take a joke or understand sarcasm.


Sorry but it’s funny, I wish I was there to see it. I’m sure he is just teasing.

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Yeah don’t worry about it. I just stalled on takeoff - as said before not my greatest moment

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@MishaCamp… An exceptional all encompassing Station Opening Announcement! I’d suggest making this a standard for Event/Station Openings Formats until ATIS is reinstalled. Regards, Max


At least you werent roddled with constant network failures causing confusion on the ground.

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Was it just me that was having network issues? I got a couple of conflicting messages from ground earlier.


I had quite a few come through all at once on ground the same happened on approach at KDEN

Gah!! Gave up. Bloody thing. Was in danger of getting ghosted by Denver Approach. My iPad really needs to be replaced asap before I end up chucking it on the fire!

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I don’t think it’s your iPad - I’m running a pro and it was happeneing to me. I know there have been a lot of server issues recently perhaps it was that on a smaller scale?

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The master of “landings” has come before us 👀

Ah… have to be here all the time to get info. Sorry