(CLOSED) Kangaroo Route Part 1 @ EGLL - 152000ZJUN17

Server: Expert

Region: London Region

Airport: EGLL

Terminal:Terminal 3

Time: 2000Z

Aircraft Qantas A380 or Qantas B789

Cruise Level: FL380 @ 305kts IAS / M0.81

NOTAM: Qantas Kangaroo Route Pt1

Come join us for a Flash Event with QVG. This will be the first of three events which follows the Kangaroo Route from London, via Singapore to Sydney. When Global is released then QF001 and QF002 will be via Dubai but until then…

Spawn from 1945Z onwards for push back around 2000Z-2015Z, either in the Qantas A380 or the Qantas B787-9. Flight plan will be a nice ‘long haul’ departing LHR from the Active runways then first down to the South East then around the edge of the region (Overhead of EGNX, EGBB and EGHH) before flying return into EGLL on the active arrival runway.

Happy Landings!

David L

Ended up doing nearly a 2hr flight, but good oppotunity to practice navigation, high altitude flying and descent and landing skills in preparation for landing. Thanks to those who attended with the short notice.

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