[CLOSED] Kai Tak Fly-in @ VHHX - 121400ZJAN20

Welcome to Throwback: Kai Tak Fly-in!

Welcome to our next challenge: Kai Tak Fly-in TBT. You may have heard of big airplanes scraping near Hong Kong buildings on a sharp turn to Kai Tak runway 13! That is what we are going to do. Many want to try this epic approach in the Infinite Flight community, so join us in this challenge.

So come on! Choose your route from the many we have listed (short haul, medium haul or long haul). We have many heavys from various places for you to take off and other smaller ones as well.

Note: The approach will be on Kai Tak runway 13. Follow the procedures in the chart below. Add to your flight plan the chart procedures. Use the map’s and your aircraft’s navigation systems to assist with the approach. Study the missed approach procedures (they will surely happen 😉)

VHHX's charts


Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2020-01-12T14:00:00Z


Remember to add runway 13 arrival procedures to your flight plan as well as to configure the aircraft’s navigation systems to aid approach.
Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
Follow ATC instructions if be present; however, if no ATC is active, unicom should be used appropriately.
You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight.

Narrowbody Routes
Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Departure time (UTC) Pilot
Malindo Air B739 Penang (WMKP) 10:45Z (12/01/2020)
Spicejet B739 Hyderabad (VOHS) 09:30Z (12/01/2020)
Air China B737 Pucket (VTSP) 11:00Z (12/01/2020)
ANA A321 Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) 09:00Z (12/01/2020) @Thiago_Silva
Air Asia A320 Bangkok (VTBS) 12:00Z (12/01/2020)
JAL Express B738 Naha (ROAH) 11:30Z (12/01/2020)
Vietnam Airlines A321 Hanoi (VVNB) 12:30Z (12/01/2020)
Lion Air B739 Jakarta (WIII) 09:45Z (12/01/2020)
Peach Aviation A320 Osaka (RJBB) 10:00Z (12/01/2020)
Sriwijaya Air B739 Denpasar (WADD) 09:30Z (12/01/2020)
Air India A321 Delhi (VIDP) 09:30Z (12/01/2020)
Cebu Pacific A319 Cebu (RPVM) 11:40Z (12/01/2020)
Korean Air B739 Seoul (RKSI) 10:20Z (12/01/2020)
EVA Air A321 Taipei (RCTP) 12:30Z (12/01/2020) @SP-SAI
Air China A319 Chengdu (ZUUU) 12:00Z (12/01/2020)
JAL Express B738 Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) 09:00Z (12/01/2020)
JAL Express B738 Tokyo Narita (RJAA) 09:00Z (12/01/2020)
Widebody Routes
Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Departure time (UTC) Pilot
Singapore Airlines B77W Singapore (WSSS) 10:50Z (12/01/2020)
British Airways B772 London (EGKK) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @Renan
Malaysia Airlines B744 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) 10:50Z (12/01/2020)
Korean Air A333 Seoul (RKSI) 10:30Z (12/01/2020) @Sudhanva_Ganesh
Garuda Indonesia MD11 Jakarta (WIII) 10:00Z (12/01/2020) @ouzi
South African B742 Johanesburg (FAOR) 01:30Z (12/01/2020)
Japan Airlines MD11 Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) 09:15Z (12/01/2020) @Wesleyhenrich
British Airways B78X London (EGKK) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @Espedito_Junior
Korean Air B772 Seoul (RKSI) 10:30Z (12/01/2020) @Claudio_Torres
Condor DC10 Frankfurt (EDDF) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @Netinho1109
Pakistan Airlines B742 Karachi (OPKC) 08:45Z (12/01/2020)
Air France B77W Paris (LFPO) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @iiExTReME
British Airways B789 London (EGKK) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @joao_linhares
Iran Air B742 Tehran (OIIE) 06:45Z (12/01/2020)
China Eastern A359 Shangai (ZSPD) 11:45Z (12/01/2020) @Craig_Sutherland
British Airways B744 London (EGLL) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @Rafael_Queiroz
Air Canada B742 Vancouver (CYVR) 00:00Z (12/01/2020)
Alitalia B772 Rome (LIRF) 02:45Z (12/01/2020)
Thai Airways A359 Bangkok (VTBS) 12:00Z (12/01/2020) @Adam_Norman
Air India B744 Mumbai (VABB) 09:00Z (12/01/2020)
Thai Airways B744 Bangkok (VTBS) 12:00Z (12/01/2020) @PilotDanilo
Lufthansa A359 Frankfurt (EDDF) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @RenanLelles
Alitalia B742 Rome (LIRF) 02:45Z (12/01/2020)
United Airlines B772 San Francisco (KSFO) 23:30Z (11/01/2020) @Suhas
KLM B742 Amsterdam (EHAM) 03:00Z (12/01/2020)
Singapore Airlines DC10 Singapore (WSSS) 10:45Z (12/01/2020)
Qantas Airways B744 Sydney (YSSY) 05:30Z (12/01/2020)
Thai Airways MD11 Bangkok (VTBS) 12:00Z (12/01/2020)
Air France B744 Paris (LFPG) 03:00Z (12/01/2020)
Philipine Airlines B744 Manilla (RPLL) 12:15Z (12/01/2020)
Nortwest Airlines B742 Los Angeles (KLAX) 23:00Z (11/01/2020) @JayIOM
Japan Airlines B742 Tokyo Narita (RJAA) 09:15Z (12/01/2020)
ANA B772 Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) 09:15Z (12/01/2020)
British Airways B77W London (EGLL) 03:00Z (12/01/2020) @Neto_Campelo
British Airways DC10 London (EGLL) 02:00Z (12/01/2020) @CaptRolSalmeron9065
KLM B744 Amsterdam (EHAM) 03:00Z (12/01/2020)
Iberia A359 Madrid (LEMD) 01:30Z (12/01/2020) @Luiz_Claudio
PANAM B742 Los Angeles (KLAX) 23:00Z (11/01/2020) @BadPlane
China Airlines B744 Taipei (RCTP) 12:30Z (12/01/2020)
Cathay Pacific B77W Beijing (ZBAA) 10:45Z (12/01/2020) @NYFLFlyer22
Cargo Routes
Airline Aircraft Departure Airport Departure time (UTC) Pilot
UPS MD11F Anchorage (PANC) 02:45Z (12/01/2020)
China Cargo B77F Shangai (ZSPD) 11:45Z (12/01/2020) @AVIACAO_MOZ
UPS A33F Honolulu (PHNL) 01:15Z (12/01/2020)
Southern Air B77F Seoul (RKSI) 10:30Z (12/01/2020)
Aerologic B77F Narita (RJAA) 09:15Z (12/01/2020)

When requesting a route, please do so like this: Your IFC nickname, airline/aircraft and route (remember to choose the route to depart on a flight time to arrival to VHHX around 14:00Z 12/JAN/2020)

Breathe deeply and come with us!


Please EDDF A359!!


PLEASE Bangkok A320 Air Asia


London EGLL 77W please


there is my route please


British Airways|B78X|London (EGKK)


ANA A321 departing at 09:00Z from Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) please!


Can I have a gate from RJAA in a 737BBJ

Sorry 737BBJ is not available on this list. Could you choose the B738 JAL Express?

Actually. Can I change to this flight instead.

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Of course you can.

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Sorry @WesleyHenrich, but this actually works better. Can I switch to this real quick?


reserve this route for me please!


Excuse me, may i use MD-11 ? Just because for more realism for Kai Tak era 😊thats would fit and vintage 😎


Nice event 😜👨🏼‍✈️

Let’s all participate. It will be an amazing event.😃

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Please,British Airways-772-EGKK.


Sure, amazing event!

Count me in :)
Nortwest Airlines B742 Los Angeles (KLAX) 23:00Z (11/01/2020)

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Welcome to event.