[Closed] Kahului Intl - PHOG // Pattern Work Needed!

Attention all aircraft! PHOG is now open on the ATC Playground Server!

Please come and do some pattern work at PHOG in Hawaii tonight. I’ll appreciate it a lot.

  • Any Aircraft:

  • Commercial aircraft use one of the Gates please.

  • General Aviation use GA Ramps appropriately please:
    Jets - Jet ramps; Props - Light ramps.

  • Military aircraft use Remote Stands.

  • Light aircraft expect taxi to 5

  • Other traffic use runway 2

  • Upon pattern work:

  • Avoid the mountains either side of Kahului

  • Follow instructions properly

  • Enjoy!

Here is a diagram of PHOG if it is needed:


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I may come:)

How long will you be open?

Anywhere from 10 mins to an hour and a half. I dont yet know

I hate it when they always request to c

ange frequency when they were already told to taxi and contact tower…


You need to sequence me. You should sequence pattern traffic as soon as they take off.

@Carson send feedback in PM

Coming on for pattern work.

Yea I was going to, but thought maybe someone else would see it because sequencing is always the biggest problem. I had no idea I needed to sequence pattern traffic.

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@Carson Speaking of PMs you should check yours urgencias!

FDS217 is inbound

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Sorry everyone, that was terrible. I was clearly not on the ball today. IF crashed and I thought that I’ll exit it that way rather than reload.

I am sincerely sorry to all those people that I messed up on several times. I think I’ll stick to single runway airports next time.

That was one of the reasons why I was slower off the mark. Half of the traffic was busy, important stuff, the other was multiple pointless requests.

I keep crashing… and people are dropping frequencies …