CLOSED | Juanca ATC Training Thread | PHNL | Hawaii | TS1

No worries, you did good!

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Continuing my atc practice I am once again opening up KSEA ground and tower. Everyone is welcome, and feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Bump, still open at KSEA.

Its closed now, maybe my timings are not the best. Will open earlier next time.

I’m controlling at KFLL, everyone is welcome. 10L and 10R in use. Come do some patterns and leave feedback.

Closed due to lack of interest.

Trying again, same place KFLL.

Im open at Hawaii, trying at different time of to see if I have better luck. If you do come by, I would appreciate any feedback that you may have. I plan on staying open for about an hour.


I’ve closed my session now.

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