[CLOSED] Jonesrox55’s ATC tracking thread

Hey everyone, this is my first ATC tracking thread, I’m at 1500+ operations and counting. I am practicing with the goal to easily pass a practical exam! I’ll reply to this topic when I start controlling, and should be open for at least an hour after I post. Please tell me what you thought I did well (or more importantly, didn’t do well) because feedback is how I can improve.

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I’ll be controlling tower and ground in LOWW, aka Vienna International Airport in Austria for the next hour or so. Pattern work encouraged, active runways 29 and 34!
Edit: maybe should do this at a busier time, closed for now.

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Just a bit of advice,
Next time say what sever your on so people know ;)


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Assumed that people wouldn’t think IFATC have tracking threads :) I’ll always be on training server.

Am controlling tower and ground at YSSY (Sydney Intl) for the next hour minimum! Feel free to fly in/out or do pattern work.
Edit: Thanks for all of the people who came! YSSY is closed after a two hour shift

Controlling at KSAN, San Diego for at least a half hour, more if people show up! Fly ins and pattern work encouraged, any presence appreciated.

Will be flying tonight, but not for a few hours. Maybe if you are back on later I can catch you (but not Kaseng Cheng Rangel)

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We’ll see, I might be controlling somewhere later this evening ;)

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May I request Santa Barbara Airport?
I know it is small but it gives people an opportunity for a 15m flight to Los Angeles

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I’ll consider controlling that another day. San Diego is still a half hour flight away, and still open!

KSAN is closed after 3 hours of constant traffic, thank you to everyone who attended!

Open tower and ground at KSFO, San Francisco! NOTAMS: Active runways 1L/R and 28L/R, Intersection departures allowed, Pattern work allowed
Edit: jeez 4 hour shift I think I need to get my priorities straight, thanks all for attending!

Controlling approach at LAX, going surprisingly well! Fly on in if you please, have been controlling the past hour
Edit: Approach is enjoyable when people listen, now closed

Controlling tower and ground at EGLL aka London Heathrow for at least an hour! Active runways 27L/R, pattern work allowed, no intersection departures

Have switched to tower and ground at KSFO!

I landed singpaore 248. Great controlling!

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Good ATC at KAFO. Unfortunately my device crashed. I plan to be back there in the next 20 minutes to fly for Virgin America VA

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Thank you all, KSFO Is now closed due to my 2 year old piece of crap IPad Air 2 legitimately saying “not charging” while plugged in :/ unfortunate ending to an otherwise great evening! Also I’m sorry to the Emirates A380 grade 5, he crossed the runway without permission :/

Crazy rush hour traffic at EGLL for the past hour as Tower too busy for tower and ground, stop by for some organized chaos
Edit: now closed, 1am heathrow isn’t very busy ;)

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Tower and ground open at KJFK! Pattern work allowed
Edit: Now closed, the proportion of those who were professional v those who weren’t was TOO DARN HIGH - the worst of training server lol, what do I expect