[CLOSED] Johannesburg in South Africa Fly-in @ FAOR - 221200ZMAR20

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Welcome to South Africa Fly-in


After the success of the events in South America in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá, we continue to drive traffic during this week’s ATC stopover. We invite the community to simulate traffic at one of the most intense and tallest airports in Africa, it will be O. R. Oliver Tambo International Airport (FAOR), located in Johannesburg, capital of South Africa. The goal is to get as close to reality as possible, so pay attention to the specific recommendations and restrictions below and others that will be sent to all participants.

How will it be?

This is an event in Fly-in mode (Pilots take off from different airports at the ideal time to reach Johannesburg at the same time approximately). Interested pilots must analyze the flight table and choose their route. After that, the time of the event (12:00 UTC 22/03/2020) must be taken into account. As a result, heavy traffic will be formed at the arrival of O. R. Oliver Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg (FAOR).


Aviation lovers on Infinite Flight know that the O. R. Oliver Tambo International Airport (FAOR) is on the ATC agenda on the day of the event, after all the aerodrome is listed as one of the main airports on the continent. As a result, the procedures performed both at UNICOM or under the assistance of ATC must be respected as well as in reality, it is absolutely necessary that pilots make use of the STAR Chart corresponding to their route for assistance on the runway in use, see below:

The headboard of the runways used for landings will be determined by the current METAR/ATIS at the time of the event.

Further recommendations will be sent through the PM Briefing Letter for each participating pilot.

FAOR Charts


Arrivals FAOR

International Flights
Departure Airport Callsign Airline/Aircraft Flight Time Departure Time(UTC) Pilot
Frankfurt (EDDF) LH572 Lufthansa (B748) [09:45] 02:15z (22/03/2020) @campeloneto
Lusaka (FLKK) SA67 South African Airways (b738) [01:40] 10:20z (22/03/2020)
Doha (OTHH) QR1363 Qatar Airways (a359) [08:15] 03:45z (22/03/2020) @Matheus_Fonseca
London (EGLL) BA57 British Airways (a388) [10:20] 01:40z (22/03/2020) @Elias_Solberg1
Zurich (LSZH) LX288 Swiss International (a333) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020) @Luiz_Claudio
London (EGLL) VS449 Virgin Atlantic (b789) [10:20] 01:40z (22/03/2020) @Claudio_Torres
Dubai (OMDB) EK761 Emirates Airlines (a388) [07:40] 04:20z (22/03/2020) @Lucas_Botelho
Nairobi (HKJK) KQ762 Kenya Airways (b788) [03:40] 08:20z (22/03/2020) @The_Real_Plane_Spott
Istanbul (LTFM) TK42 Turkish Airlines (b77W) [09:05] 02:55z (22/03/2020) @Vitorfernanandes
Paris (LFPG) AF990 Air France (a388) [10:00] 02:00z (22/03/2020) @Flying_Ryan
Gaborone (FBSK) SA8451 South African Airways (b738) [00:40] 11:20z (22/03/2020)
Port Louis (FIMP) MK851 Air Mauritius (a359) [04:05] 07:55z (22/03/2020) @FrancescoM
Maputo (FQMA) SA143 South African Airways (b738) [00:45] 11:15z (22/03/2020) @Infinite_Qantas
Addis Ababa (HAAB) ET809 Ethiopian Airlines (a359) [05:00] 07:00z (22/03/2020)
Harare (FVHA) BA6262 BA Comair (b738) [01:20] 10:40z (22/03/2020)
Luanda (FNLU) DT575 TAAG (b737) [03:00] 09:00z (22/03/2020)
Windhoek (FYWH) SA75 South African Airways (b738) [01:40] 10:20z (22/03/2020)
Doha (OTHH) QR1367 Qatar Airways (a359) [08:15] 03:45z (22/03/2020)
Victoria Falls (FVFA) SA41 South African Airways (a333) [01:30] 10:30z (22/03/2020)
Livingstone (FLLI) BA6292 BA Comair (b738) [01:40] 10:20z (22/03/2020)
Zanzibar (HTZA) JE927 Mango (b738) [03:15] 08:45z (22/03/2020)
Atlanta (KATL) DL200 Delta Airlines (b77L) [14:30] 21:30z (21/03/2020) @Gabriel_Gava
Dubai (OMDB) EK763 Emirates Airlines (a388) [07:40] 04:20z (22/03/2020)
Sydney (YSSY) QF63 Qantas Airways (b744) [13:00] 23:00z (21/03/2020) @Victor_Winter
Abu Dhabi (OMAA) EY604 Etihad Airways (b78X) [07:30] 04:30z (22/03/2020)
Dubai (OMDB) EK767 Emirates Airlines (b77W) [07:40] 04:20z (22/03/2020)
Accra (DGAA) SA210 South African Airways (a333) [05:30] 06:30z (22/03/2020)
Dar-es-Salaam (HTDA) SA187 South African Airways (b738) [03:15] 08:45z (22/03/2020)
Perth (YPPH) SA281 South African Airways (a333) [10:30] 01:30z (22/03/2020) @Thiago_Silva
Amsterdam (EHAM) KL591 KLM (b77W) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020) @Renan
Doha (OTHH) QR1365 Qatar Airways (a359) [08:15] 03:45z (22/03/2020) @keranzy
Singapore (WSSS) SQ478 Singapore Airlines (a359) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020) @Michael_Anderson
Lagos (DNMM) SA61 South African Airways (a333) [05:30] 06:30z (22/03/2020) @Islanderpilot123
Tel Aviv (LLBG) LY51 El Al (b78X) [08:00] 04:00z (22/03/2020)
Cairo (HECA) MS839 Egyptair (a333) [07:40] 04:20z (22/03/2020)
Sao Paulo (SBGR) SA223 South African Airways(a346 or a333) [08:15] 03:45z (22/03/2020)
London (EGLL) BA55 British Airways (a388) [10:20] 01:40z (22/03/2020) @chuckaule
London (EGLL) SA235 South African Airways (a333) [10:30] 01:30z (22/03/2020) @Owain_G
Shenzhen (ZGSZ) CA867 Air China (b789) [12:05] 23:55z (21/03/2020) @Espedito_Junior
Jeddah (OEJN) SV447 Saudia Airlines (b789) [06:30] 05:30z (22/03/2020)
Sao Paulo (SBGR) LA8058 Latam Airlines Brazil (a359) [08:15] 03:45z (22/03/2020) @thiago
London (EGLL) VS461 Virgin Atlantic (b789) [10:20] 01:40z (22/03/2020) @Gtmkm98
New York (KJFK) SA204 South African Airways (a346 or a359) [13:45] 22:15z (21/03/2020)
Frankfurt (EDDF) SA261 South African Airways (a346, a333 or a359) [10:00] 02:00z (22/03/2020)
Cairo (HECA) MS514 Egyptair (a333) [07:40] 04:20z (22/03/2020)
Hong Kong (VHHH) CX749 Cathay Pacific (b77W) [12:30] 23:30z (21/03/2020) @Romir1327
Saint Helena (FHSH) SA8132 South African Airways (CRJ7) [04:30] 07:30z (22/03/2020) @WesleyHenrich
Amsterdam (EHAM) KL591 KLM (b77W) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020) @Arthur
Lagos (DNMM) ARA2020 Arik Air (b738) [05:30] 06:30z (22/03/2020) @ebukarthur
Amsterdam (EHAM) KL591 KLM (b77W) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020) @SUPPA_FROG
Domestic Flights
Departure Airport Callsign Airline/Aircraft Flight Time Departure Time(UTC) Pilot
Cape Town (FACT) BA6424 BA Comair (b738) [01:40] 10:20z (22/03/2020)
Port Elizabeth (FAPE) BA6232 BA Comair (b738) [01:15] 10:45z (22/03/2020) @AVPA99
Cape Town (FACT) MN100 Kulula (b738) [01:40] 10:20z (22/03/2020)
Durban (FALE) MN618 Kulula (b738) [01:00] 11:00z (22/03/2020) @PlaneGeek
Cape Town (FACT) JE134 Mango (b738) [01:40] 10:20z (22/03/2020)
George (FAGG) JE826 Mango (b738) [01:30] 10:30z (22/03/2020)
Cape Town (FACT) SA302 South African Airways (b738, a346 or a333) [01:40] 10:20z (22/03/2020) @nandopimentell
East London (FAEL) SA8472 South African Airways (b738) [01:00] 11:00z (22/03/2020)
Departure Airport Callsign Airline/Aircraft Flight Time Departure Time(UTC) Pilot
Lubumbashi (FZQA) CV7145 Cargolux (B74F) [02:00] 10:00z (22/03/2020)
Abu Dhabi (OMAA) EY956 Etihad Cargo (B77F) [07:30] 04:30z (22/03/2020)
Luxembourg (ELLX) CV7147 Cargolux (B74F) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020)
Liège (EBLG) ET3807 Ethiopian Cargo (B77F) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020) @ThomasThePro
Amsterdam (EHAM) MP8371 Martinair (MD11F) [10:10] 01:50z (22/03/2020) @Mauricio_B
Frankfurt (EDDF) LH8296 Lufthansa Cargo (MD11F) [09:45] 02:15z (22/03/2020)

Server: Expert.

Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
Follow ATC instructions if be present; however, if no ATC is active, unicom should be used appropriately.
You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight.

Routes not actually operated will not be added.

Stay tuned for final recommendations that will be released before the event. Have fun with us!!!

When requesting a route, please do so like this: Airport departure, callsign and airline/aircraft. (remember to choose the route to depart on a flight time to arrival to FAOR around 12:00Z 22/03/2020)


EHAM Please 77W. Thanks!

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Please add this international flight from FHSH (Saint Helena) - FAOR (Johannesburg)
South African AZ8132 (CRJ7)
Flight time: 4:30

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Hi I want the flight QF63 please


Please OMDB A380 EK761

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For me please. Thanks!

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SA302 from Cape Town please

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DL200 from Atlanta please:) @campeloneto

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FADN has been closed for about 10 years now. FALE/DUR airport (King Shaka International) is the current airport in Durban now :)

I’ll take this route please!

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I will take SA235.

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I’ll take this trying to be unique 🙃👀

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Thanks for the information. The route is updated and is yours

I’ll take this one :)

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WSSS please! SQ478 a359

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This route is interesting. Welcome!

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This route is famous lol, it’s added!

You were quick haha, the route is yours!

LFPG, AF990, Air France A380-800 please!

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CX 749 for me please
And do remove my name from QR1363
Thanks !

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Port Elizabeth (BA6232) BA Comair (B738) please

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