[CLOSED] Joeph's ATC Tracking Thread @EDDL - TS CLOSED

EDDL Ground and Tower Closed nothing happened
How is my controlling?
1: I am a noob
5: Need a lot of help
6: need some help
10: you could be IFATC

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I’ll be there as N999ZZ

I will be there in 5mn. Nasa 1

Do you accept some feedback??

Yes… IK its some real trash


▪Something that I notice during flying is that you give very late sequence and clear commands(for example Manoel reported 3 times his position because he was waiting for sequence
▪After you sequenced me correctly,when I was on right Base R you told me to enter right Base R, which I was already. Then you cleared me to land and not for the option!!

Not as bad as you mentioned above but you need to work on some thinks! Anything you want to ask, PM me and I will answer as soon as possible.


Yes… I Know I’m really bad when I told you to enter Bace R when i saw you on downwind i guess you entered as I was saying it

No…just keep practicing!!

Make sure to sequence. Aside from those departing or just crossing your airspace, every aircraft under your control needs to know who are they following (or if they are the 1st in line). I never got a sequence, I was reporting my position to let you know I had no idea who to follow.

Other items:

  • No need for line up and wait when the aircraft departing ahead already departed
  • I was cleared to land whilst remaining in the pattern. Unless the pilot signals a full stop, you should clear for the option
  • You gave me exit runway command when I was still in the air

If you meet the requirements and aspire to be an IFATC, please reach out to a trainer.

I’ll be there.

Well im closing soon…

Maybe ill let you take off then ill go

All right.
Next time maybe :)

@Thomas_G also if I open somewhere else do I open this up again and change the airport or make a new topic…

No there is no need to make a new topic. Just change the ICAO code and its fine!!

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I’m now at RJFK trying not to fail! ._.

I ll come in 2 mn.!!

Okay, I’m trying my best to get sequencing and everything all good!

Are you Nasa 1…

My app constantly crashes. Sorry but it seems I wont be able to fly somw patterns. Maybe next time!!(Yes Nasa 1)

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